Coming in May

May flowers will bring a month-long celebration of cinema to Old Hollywood Films.

Here's what's coming up in May 2016:

* 2016 marks the 75th anniversary of the landmark film, Citizen Kane. I'll continue my 1001 classic movie series every Monday with a look at Orson Welles' masterpiece and three other films that were nominated for a best picture Academy Award in 1941: The Maltese Falcon, The Little Foxes, and Sergeant York.

* On May 6, I'll have a guide for TCM's star of the month, Robert Ryan. Plus, I'll have a TCM Viewer's Guide every Sunday.

There's quite a few good blogathons coming up in May.

*First, I'll review The Corn Is Green (1979) on May 12 for The Great Katharine Hepburn Blogathon.

*I'll look at the life story of Helen Keller as depicted in The Miracle Worker (1962) on May 14 for The Disability in Film Blogathon.

*I'll celebrate National Classic Movie Day on May 16 with the Five Movies on an Island Blogathon.

*On May 18, I'll join The Great Villain Blogathon with an article about the character of Boris Lermontov (Anton Walbrook) in The Red Shoes (1948).

* I'll cook up a strawberry-rhubarb pie recipe and a look at Ma and Pa Kettle for the Classic Movie Ice Cream Social on May 21.

*I'll write about ballet sequences in Hollywood movies on April 25 for Gotta Dance! A Celebration of Dance in Film.

*Finally, I'll review the classic story of a boy (Claude Jarman, Jr.) and his fawn in The Yearling (1946) on May 28 for The Animals in Film Blogathon.

*Schedule permitting, I'll have a look at what's new on Netflix and DVD, and an article about Gregory Peck's life in film.


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